Wolfe Tone Park, Dublin


Campaign for the full restoration of Wolfe Tone Park

The Wolfe Tone Park Community is a non-commercial community-based initiative focused on the full re-instatement of Wolfe Tone Park, Dublin 1.

Wolfe Tone Park (Square) Dublin


What Happened?

Why are DCC 'throwing good money after bad'?

83% of submissions to Dublin City Council, including those from residents & businesses, object to the proposed plans for Wolfe Tone Park. However, DCC have chosen to ignore these and continue to impose their failed design on the park. In particular, DCC has dismissed an important submission from An Taisce objecting outright to the park plans, and their advice to restore the park to a traditional pre-2001 garden park; in keeping with motion 6056 passed in April 2015.

Objection Numbers

The vast majority of all submissions (that include those from businesses and business groups):
  • Would like the full pre-2001 park and garden grass restored (83%).

  • Request that the railings are returned to the park, similar to Chancery Park (79%).

  • Do not support the addition of more concrete paving to the park, a substantial lawn would be more appropriate (85%).

  • Do not believe that the new park design is appropriately family and community focused (83%).

  • Object to the removal of car-parking from around the park for all residents and visitors (75%).

  • Object to how Dublin City Council have designed, maintained, and damaged Wolfe Tone Park (81%).

  • Object to the removal of headstones from the west side of Wolfe Tone Park (81%).

  • Object to the removal of the bronze cow from Wolfe Tone Park (72%).

  • Object to all amplified music or commentary events in the park (72%).

  • Oppose the commercialisation of the park and would like the park to remain a non-commercial public asset (74%).

  • Object to the sale or rent of the park for private enterprise (74%).

Why is Dublin City Council so determined to repeat the mistakes of 2001, with only 17% of support, even after they have admitted that the design was a failure?

So, why are DCC 'throwing good money after bad'?




About The Project

WolfeTonePark.com & WolfeToneSquare.com

Residents living around Wolfe Tone Park ('Jervis Park') have witnessed the demise of the area through neglect and mismanagement by Dublin City Council and event organisers. In particular, the re-development of the space in 2001 that retained only some of the original lawn area. The remaining lawn was removed after a month-long event in 2006.

The Wolfe Tone Park Community is committed to campaigning for the restoration of Wolfe Tone Park and surrounding streets for the benefit of local residents and visitors to the area.

Wolfe Tone Park not Square, Dublin

Wolfe Tone Park, c.1992

Wolfe Tone Park not Square, Dublin

Wolfe Tone Park, 2017

Wolfe Tone Park not Square, Dublin

Wolfe Tone Park, 1990

Wolfe Tone Park, 2015

TV3 The Box, Wolfe Tone Park, Dublin, 1990

Wolfe Tone Park, 1990

WeAreDublin,Dublin At Christmas, Dublin Town, Wolfe Tone Park, not Square

Wolfe Tone Park, 2015

Wolfe Tone Park, 2015


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Wolfe Tone Park Community - Agenda

Wolfe Tone Park

  Full Restoration of Wolfe Tone Park as a non-commercial green space  (c.2017)

  Protect the park from commercial targeting  (on-going)

  Protect the park from DCC/BID 'Tram Cafe' proposal  

  Monitor any proposals or plans for the park  (on-going)

  Protect park from 2017 DCC/BID 'Frankenstein' renovation (on-going)

  Inclusion of Park Restoration in Dublin City Draft Development Plan 2016-2022  (16-Sept-15)

  Prevent commercial vehicles from parking in the public space (21-Dec-15)

  Secure the Park Status of Wolfe Tone Park (not Square) (21-Dec-15)

  Prevent amplified music festivals taking place in the park  (01-Nov-15)

  Removal of DCC 'mobile' staff toilets from west side of the park  (15-Oct-15)

  Removal of BID/DublinTown kiosks from within the park  (01-Oct-15)

  Removal of commercial furniture from within the park  (10-Nov-15)

  Prevent Dublin City Council vehicles from vandalising old tombstones around the park  (16-Sept-15)

  Establish direct contact with DCC management regarding park condition & neglect  (01-July-15)


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Tone Deaf

After years of Dublin City Council (DCC) vandalism and neglect, its senior management has conceded that the current layout of Wolfe Tone Park has not worked, and redevelopment is being considered.
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Park Life

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